Fotograf Magazine

#30 eye in the sky

Launch of a new Fotograf Magazine #30 / Opening of Fotograf Festival / Preview of Fotograf Gallery

October, 27, 2017 from 7.30 pm

Fotograf Gallery, Jungmannova 7, Praha 1

New space of the Fotograf Gallery will serve as a scene for the opening of the Fotograf Festival and the launch of a new Fotograf Magazine linked by an umbilical cord to the previously named. It also thematically wraps the cocoon of networks and associations linked to Eye in the Sky as a metaphor for the big data phenomenon, monitoring and surveillance. Lavra will play at the launches and the opening of the festival.

The edition entitled Eye in the Sky reverts the digital focus of the Fotograf Festival back into the form of its predecessor – a printed magazine. When, on a daily basis, the chaos of internet browsing redefines our nerve endings and the ability to perceive the linear flow of text, and consequently everything remains suspended in imaginary clouds, our magazine’s pages place an accent on the previously standard form of narrative – one that has a beginning and an end, no matter how open. It scans through the timeline documenting the revolutions of age-old humanity, or, more precisely, the concept that we have learned to call humanity.