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#43 collecting — Interview

Reading Glasses or 3D Glasses?

When I was approached for an interview with Pavel and Markéta about the founding of the magazine and its overall twenty years of its existence, I was somewhat surprised, but I took it as a challenge, as a natural feeling that is good to let out…

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#41 postdigital photography — Interview

Photographing Flavors

Thanks to his photographs of Prague and the Czech Person (Český člověk) project, Jiří Poláček was among the most interesting artists of the 1970s and ‘80s. Following several years spent at the photo lab of the Czech News Agency (ČTK), he branched out as a freelance photographer…

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#41 postdigital photography — Interview

Beyond any difference:

What does it mean for images to be mobile? How does the photographic capturing of a radioactive trace help us come into contact with non-human temporality? And what do digital images have in common with Alice in Wonderland? We discussed the co-existence of incommensurable timescales and more-than-human agency in image production, as well as her recently published anthology Images on the Move, with media theorist Olga Moskatova, who recently visited Prague to deliver a talk at the Reconsidering Cameraless Photography conference at FAMU…

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#40 earthlings — Interview

Pausing, Becoming, Making Liveable

How to attune oneself to different genres of being human by pausing and listening instead of ‘giving a voice’? What does it mean to be a vulnerable body? Can an understanding of one’s own animality aid in recognizing the exploitation of non-human bodies in the capitalist economy? In this conversation, the duo Gustafsson & Haapoja introduce their monumental audiovisual work ‘Becoming’ presented at the eleventh edition of Fotograf Festival, and contextualizes their efforts in terms of rethinking categories of the human, the animal, and the modes of ‘making liveable’ and ‘making killable’ these categories enable…

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#39 delight, pain — Interview

Signification Comes from Practice

This fragment of an interview between Anna Daučíková and students from the New Aesthetic Studio at the Photography Department of the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) intentionally foregoes a direct relationship to the artist’s work, focusing instead on grasping the conceptual and political foundations of her practice in direct relation to the themes of the edition of the Fotograf magazine you are now holding in your hands…

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#34 archaeology of euphoria — Interview

Tomáš Pospěch: An Interview with Vladimír Birgus, Antonín Dufek, and Miro Švolík

In the West, the late 1980s and early 1990s also brought a wave of extraordinary interest in Czech and Slovak photography, which never returned. Let us try to find out what it meant. Were we ready for such an interest? Which activities do those who still remember the times recall most? What institutions could help in providing contacts and preparing exhibitions abroad?

At that time, most exhibitions in Western Europe or the USA were retrospectives…

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#22 Image and Text — Interview

Interview with Rudolf Sikora

The cover of the present issue bears your autotype entitled Out of the City III / Z mesta von III (1970, autotype, paper, 700×500 mm, courtesy of the artist) taken one day after the eponymous action Out of the City, which took place in Zvolen, Slovakia, and its near vicinity…

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