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Max Vajt

Clogs to clogs

In the year 1800, human activity produced around 30 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. A hundred years later, this number has skyrocketed to more than two billion, together with the doubling of the human population. Rapid industrialization and the constantly increasing material standards of the average European have meant a demand for more coal, sugar, coffee, tea, meat and textiles. One of the casualties of this hysterical process of securing natural resources is the main protagonist of Clogs to clogs—the cashmere goat. The economic interests of the East India Company placed it in danger during the so-called Anglo-Nepalese war (1814-16). The project places an AR memorial to a non-human participant at the location of the former East India House. Using an app for mobile phones, the viewer will have an opportunity to see the installation including the voice over of the cashmere goat.

Max Vajt

#35 living with humans


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