About Us

Fotograf magazine is a semi-annual, comprehensive, 120-page periodical that publishes the work of photographers and contemporary artists working in photography and related arts since 2002. It also brings articles and reviews on the theory, criticism and philosophy of photography and visual arts.

Unlike most other publications Fotograf focuses on the theories that introduce readers to a specific topic. This gives individual issues a timeless aspect and provides readers the opportunity to refer back to specific issues of the magazine as study and reference material. Thus it provides additional value compared to standard art journals. Every issue documents and helps to create the shape of Czech photographic and artistic scene and serves as a connection within the international panorama. Fotograf magazine is part of platform, which enriched Fotograf gallery and Fotograf festival, all based in Prague, Czech Republic.


Fotograf magazine is issued twice a year in czech and english version with the support of the Czech Ministry of Culture.