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#44 empathy — Topic

Empathy and Expression

The following text is a translated and abridged version of the essay Empatie a výraz ve fenomenologii a dramatice (Empathy and Expression in Czech Phenomenology and Dramatics) by philosopher Alice Koubová, which we have decided to publish in this thematic issue for her striking phenomenological analysis of the relationship between expressivity and the feeling of the other…

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#43 collecting — Topic

The Infinity of Lists

An incomplete calendarium of Czech photography 2002–2022


Even though history is not obedient and does not unfold from a given date to another, instead passing by in an unbroken continuum, it is our habit to single out various epochs and phases…

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#42 food — Topic

Food Served to the Camera

The ubiquity and primary biological need for food predetermine that food has undoubtedly been photographed by every photographer at some point. Furthermore, “gourmet pictures” enjoy great popularity nowadays…

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#37 uneven ground — Topic


My Love,

I have been thinking about this for a long time. It would perhaps be better to say this to you in person, but you’re hard to talk to in person. We’ve known each other for years, practically my entire life, and for a long time, I couldn’t imagine living with anyone else; any other way…

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