Before the Internet

In one of his recent projects, Trinity Cube (2015), the artist Trevor Paglen melted irradiated glass collected from inside the Fukushima Exclusion Zone with Trinitate, the mineral created during the first atomic bomb experiments made in 1945 in New Mexico. He then placed the cube back in the Zone, where it will be viewable by the public once the Zone opens in 3 – 30 000 years from now. As many of Paglen’s projects, Trinity Cube draws on the tension between the tangible and the intangible (radiation and its impact), between the visible and the invisible (the cube is installed in an excluded area), as well as between the present and the circulating (nuclear energy, humankind’s impact on the environment), and maybe also between the human and the inhuman (for instance, the incomensurability between time in visual arts and geological time).

Václav Janoščík

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Barbora Kleinhamplová, MPEG Girl, instalation view, 2016
Trevor Paglen, Trinity Cube, 2015