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At the same place, at the same time

The 1980’s differed significantly from previous decades. The difference of decades is still more apparent from a greater time interval. If we applied this view to the area of Polish photography understood as independent creation, we can say that the tone was determined by the Neo-Avant-Garde, which was fascinated by an analytical approach and which was interested in the visual as the linguistic phenomenon of new media. The Foto-Medium- Art Gallery, which I founded in Wrocław, was one of many places where artistic acts and theoretic expression took place. In addition to this activity I also carefully followed the Czech photographic scene. Often I travelled to Prague to find appropriate contacts. It was then that I met Jaroslav Anděl and several Czech artists, who were inclined toward the origins of the Avant- Garde and who sympathised with the opposition.

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Sue Davies a Antonín Dufek, nedatováno