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Gottfried Jäger

Interview with Gottfried Jäger by Pavel Baňka

Gottfried Jäger, born 1937 in Burg near Magdeburg, started his career as an apprentice in Bielefeld and later studied photography in Cologne. In 1960, he started teaching photo techniques at the School of Design in Bielefeld and between 1973–2002 he was a professor of photography at the University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld. He taught Introduction to Art, Photo-Graphics and Generative Image Systems. In 1968, he developed the theory and practice of Generative Photography, which he introduced at his self-curated exhibition at Kunsthaus, Bielefeld. This exhibition was followed by a number of other exhibitions, books and lectures at international conferences. His photographs appear in many international collections.

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#23 artificial worlds

#23 artificial worlds