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Looking For Hope in a Collapsing World

It feels strange to click on a virtual map of routes taken by hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men and women to escape the war frenzy, enjoying the comfort of a European city. The Map of Displacement was created by Darst Projects, a documentary studio, and Metrography, the first Iraqi photo agency. Curated by Dario Bosio and Stefan Carini, the project reveals the side of the war against the self-proclaimed Islamic State that Western reporters seem to have no time, resources and patience for.

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from the series Oil and Blood, 2015 Tanjero, Iraq. Jamal (17) smokes flavored tobacco from a small hookah pipe inside the utility cabin.The family of Yezidis, displaced from Sinjar, live next to an oil refinery in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. The young men run the refinery 24 hours a day with little to no safety equipment. Photo © Sebastian Meyer.
from the series The Shabak, 2015 Chermo camp, Chamchamal, Iraq. A portrait of Mohamed, 35, his wife Vian - 28 - and their kids  Fatima, Mahdi and Taha. From Bartella, Musol. Photo © Stefano Carini, Dario Bosio / DARST.

#33 investigation


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