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Jarmila Uhlíková

Forgotten Homes / Familiar Houses

[…] these are lived lives closely connected with lives recounted and both are dependent on one another. Paradoxically one can say that the stories, which speak about life, intervene in lived lives – in order to recount them – even before those lives have been lived.

Zygmunt Bauman, Individualised Society

Jarmila Uhlíková gained attention in recent years with several collections, whose common denominator was investigation of the past and the search for an answer to the question: does there exist such a thing as “place memory“ and mainly, whether it can be captured with the aid of a camera. Among these collections there was a series shown in the Médium Gallery in 2007, in which the artist combined news reports with photographs of places in Bratislava that werementioned in the articles.Without grand gestures she created a subtle image of the tragedies that occurred in these places. Most often they of course relate to personal history, i.e. in the series, My Past Moments (Moje minulé okamihy), in which she returns to the events of her past and by “replaying“ them with other people she attempts to reconstruct them and confront them against those persons own lives.

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