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Katarína Dubovská

Intertwined Conditions

The multimedia installation Intertwined Conditions comprises five clusters of condensed image fragments, water containers with printing ink extracted from visual material, a hybrid transfer print, oxygen tubes, four video clips with sound, particleboard covered in wall paint and a section of scaffolding. Dimension variable. Exhibition view at ASPN Leipzig.

I use imagery as concrete material and matter that I examine and dissect. I appropriate, stretch, compress, tilt and bend the image bodies. I cut out and shift. I knead, filter, mash, mix, squeeze and distil until everything erodes, mutates, transforms and fluctuates. I describe myself as a hybrid of an artist, photographer, sculptor, sociologist, molecular biologist, archaeologist, philosopher and feminist. Against the background of the current flood of images and visual information, I investigate (photo-technically) generated images as mutable, circulating and omnipresent components of our (digitalised) environment in a late capitalist system.


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