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Kateřina Držková – Daniela Matějková


The question how to interpret works of art is one of the most important in contemporary art theory, in aesthetics, and in a whole range of other scientific (and quasi-scientific) fields. Does the viewer have the right to think what “he/she wants” about the work, or should they attempt to reconstruct the artist’s thoughts? For each trend or theorist there is an opinion. That other opinion. In addition to all this, artists themselves must struggle with the legacies of past generations. This holds specifically true since the time, when originality, ideas and gestures became most valuable. Of course, the works of others have been used” at least throughout the 20th century. (Who does not know Duchamp’s Mona Lisa with a moustache!). By using borrowed works it is possible to mock, support, play with or make use of contexts and awareness, related thereto.

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#12 Reconstruction