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Alice dos Reis

Mood Keep –– Under Current

Alice dos Reis is an artist based between Amsterdam and Lisbon working with film, text and sculpture. Her work looks at encounters between human and more-than-human agents in biopolitical systems. She has presented her work in several solo and group exhibitions, namely MAAT Museum (Lisbon), EYE Film Museum (Amsterdam), Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival (Florence), Seventh Gallery (Melbourne), San Seriffe (Amsterdam) and Lehmann + Silva (Porto). She had her films featured on platforms such as Vdrome and Museum of the Moving Image (NY).

Mood Keep is a fictional documentary tracing the collective decision of axolotls in captivity to develop eyelids as a part of their biology. Axolotls are water salamanders with regenerative abilities who refuse to metamorphose into maturity. In Mood Keep, axolotls communicate via wifi waves and watch anime telepathically. Collectively, from the confinement of their enclosures, these axolotls decide to develop eyelids, choosing to shut their eyes indefinitely as a way to reclaim agency of their bodies and encourage empathic communication. This film is set in a near future—or recent past—and charts the intersection between the axolotl’s engender status, postcolonial histories, unearthly biology, and its online popularity as one of the world’s cutest creatures.


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