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Announcement Fotograf Open Call, Archeology of Euforie

Fotograf invited professionals, amateurs, and students to submit their photo projects in open call, which will take place on 11. 4. – 5. 6. 2019. The winner have been chosen by the jury whose members including: Agnieszka Olszewska, Marie Sarycheva, Kateryna Radchenko, Arnis Balčus, Arno Gisinger, Seok Jae-Hyun, Mirjam Kooiman, Virágvölgyi István and Pavel Vančát. The two winning projects will be published in the next issue of Fotograf Magazine (October 2019).

The jury selected Gigi Cifali and Viktor Kopasz. Congratulations!
Thanks to everyone for participating.

Viktor Kopasz

Gigi Cifali