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The 12-hour Conference

This twelve-hour conference about anxiety, elaborated by Jan Brož, is a book-form artifact, a concentrated narration of dreams, visions, hallucinations and sometimes pure anxiety. It is effectively summed up by one of the fragments: “…what’s so interesting about the mania is that if finds you a happiness that spills out…” The book is composed of three sections. It opens with the Conference, resonates through the Hallucination and culminates with the Trial. The project is a probe into the lives of the employees of the National Institute for Mental Health, which not only studies anxiety but also creates it. This tension is metapho-rically mirrored in the second section: “The person who was searching for a plot of land to build on seems to have gone insane. He found an empty field with a water tower at its center. Employees visit that sick building, and they are affected too.” The conception of the book follows this principle: it is arranged in a binder, inviting the reader to obsessively rearrange the contents inside and outside the book. All participants – including the reader – thus become part of a performative game that connects and isolates at the same time.

Viktor Kopasz

#39 slast, bolest