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Björk, Evolution

Björk is a collaborator. Musicians and producers, photographers and stylists, directors or edgy designers… She has never really needed any one of them, none of them have ever overshadowed her, but together, they have always multiplied their capacities. Björk consistently looks for ways in which to shape her artistic persona with the use of the latest means and people. Arca, the producer from Caracas she brought in to work with her on the last album Vulnicura, was twenty-four at the time. Much of that has to do with the fact that she is a woman – she has used her uniqueness not to distinguish herself, but as the foundation for communication. And although we usually associate the notable visual identities of pop stars with people who designed their album covers rather than with photographers, through combining photography and styling Björk has successfully used advertising for an album as one of her best resources, whilst at the same time demonstrating the potential it offers in the transforming music industry. And together with that she has managed to highlight a change of something a little more substantial – our adapting to the digital environment and our natural coalescence with technology.

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