Fotograf Magazine

#37 Uneven ground

The opportunities to encounter the Other – someone other than myself – are transforming dynamically, thanks in part to technological developments and the possibilities for sharing both images and other information. However, we often isolate ourselves in smooth bubbles of sameness and the others disappear. Photography mediates encounters, but it is also a medium that alienates. Uneven terrain is a place where we meet; where our relationships take place, whether they are personal or social and political.

The aim of this issue is to seek out possibilities for encounters and the sharing of emotions through the media of photography and video, which either balance out the unevenness of the terrain or allow both parties to profit from it. As the terrain is uneven, our aim is to give space to works that facilitate encounters with the Other and to revive the function that in this sense can be attributed to the documentary media of photography and film.


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