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#42 food

It is a widely known fact that if we desire quality, we have to start with our ingredients. Where do they come from? Will the menu be vegan, flexitarian, or will it reflect conventional tastes? Are these tastes not the source of problems including the crucial influence of meat production on the climate crisis? What role does it  play in the world’s present dietary regimen and how will artificial cultivation develop in the future? What do artists explore through the camera in relation to food? Stylized pictures of foods you could just eat, problematic areas of food production, or experimentation with the foodstuffs of the future?

Once you clarify these questions and feel like using them to cook an issue of a magazine, take one editorial board, a small international network, a kilogram of collaborating authors, and also a quarter of a tonne of paper, which has undergone a price increase of 120% in the last two years. You tell the graphic designers to make it sophisticated and fancy and schmancy, you describe to the subsidy providers and advertisers that it will be such a delicacy that it will be gobbled up not only by a crowd of delighted readers, but also by throngs of academics, improving the level of our visual culture to such an extentthat no one will forget about it, at least not until the next issue. Then all that’s left is slow cooking: copy editing, proof reading, and those invisible tasks that include overseeing the printing process – and the baking is done.

Enjoy your meal issue.


Markéta Kinterová,




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