Fotograf Magazine

#18 80′

The 1980s in local and global culture have gained in recent times an unexpected amount of interest, not only from art theoreticians, but also from the youngest generation of artists and viewers.  This is perhaps also nostalgia for art that reacts to its time worldwide with an atypical, charged intensity:  often with a naive openness.  

Looking back, it is in fact the 1980s that are connected with dramatic changes in a politically-divided world, which brought mainly to Central and Eastern Europe a newfound freedom of thought, expression, and creation, but also the attack of globalization, which logically impacted the field of photography as well.  In this regard, it is indeed the 1980s that are special in their being anchored in the past, but at the same time through their hope fixed on the coming future.  Through all this they gain, mainly for the youngest generation, a slightly unexpected attractiveness of the unknown and that which is irretrievably past.