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#27 cars

It is difficult to identify another mechanical invention that has had more of an impact on human life as much as the car. For the past few generations, cars have been something to admire, to love, to pamper but, at the same time, they are objects of hatred and contempt. Of course, this is due to the many different perspectives that exist, such as the use of a car as a means of transport, as equipment, as a display of personal power or wealth, but, most importantly, as an extraordinary invention, whose design exceeds that of standard industrial products, as it is motivated by more than mere functionality and convenience.

As far as human history is concerned, cars have taken on many irreplaceable roles. People use cars to get to work, to go on holiday. Sometimes they are used for sleeping, and, in some cases, children are conceived in cars and, in extreme situations, babies are even born in cars. However, the history of cars is also associated with accidents, with the injury and even death of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. All of these aspects combined have contributed towards the unique position that the phenomenon we call a “car” has achieved within society and which it has maintained even into the second decade of the twenty-first century.