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Digital █████ – An Ethnographic Dictionary

Digital █████ – An Ethonographic Dictionary is the first Czech book on digital colonialism. Using ethnographic methods, the author examines the situation of the body in a digital space which has absorbed the old power structures and frames, developing them into new forms of violence, dominance and exploitation. If we were splitting hairs, however, this is the second book—the first, by the same author, was published two years earlier (2017). The only difference is the title—the previous edition was “uncensored”: Digital Negroes: An Ethnographic Dictionary. What happened in these two years to necessitate an erasure of the word “negroes” from the title? Unfortunately, this is something the book, a very successful project created as part of a master’s thesis at the Center for Audiovisual Studies at FAMU in Prague, does not disclose.

Tomáš Hrůza