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Dominik Gajarský

Journey to the Beginning of Time

MM: How important to you is the issue of the aging of the image itself?

DG: This is an important question . The image is old when it is captured.


Who is that quote from? ( laughs)

This is mine! ( laughs)


How is crucial for you the size of reproduction as an image of reality, such as a human hand or a box of matches?

Light hand on a black background is a theme that fascinated me for a long time. I’ve used it already in the project Mechanical document as a kind of a guide through the story. I remember when I first saw the film Beauty and the beast, the hands that held the candlesticks, pouring wine and lit candles. Sequential photographs of hand by Eadweard Muybridge, which rises and puts down a baseball ball or Dora Maurer‘s hands composing and decomposing white sheet on a black background. Even Jean Painlevé in his documentary films was inspired by the visuality of a surrealist films by Jean Cocteau.


Don’t you think that photography, film and moving image can be generally historically considered as an instrument showing a hidden facts to a human eye?

That’s right.


Do you succumb this magic visuality, or you rather ilustrate it with the grace?

That’s a question to you.


As I know you, you hope that you succumb while you ilustrate it with grace. (laughs) Where can be moved at present this aspect within the gallery installation ?

Hmmm… on a clothesline? ( laughs)


(part of an interview with Dominik Gajarský and Martin Mazanec)