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Edgar dos Santos

Inventory of bridges and viaducts of the Spanish high-speed

Edgar dos Santos is a visual artist, documentary photographer and lecturer. Co-founder at Documentary Agency Zoom I currently teach photography at the Art School of Lleida. My work focuses on the relationship we establish with the environment, the interactions and mutual affectations, and those linked to the processes of apprehension, use and representation of space/territory/landscape.


This is a tour around the bridges and viaducts of the high-speed rail line between Madrid and Barcelona, to explore the social and environmental implications of a territory in the shadow of the AVE (Spanish High Speed). This is a territory that supports the most powerful infrastructure and emblem of modernity in Spain, but that leaves it out of the image it projects. It is an infrastructure that is the fruit of political, economic and territorial power at the service of speculation and spectacularization. Progress and capitalism impose their interests and aesthetics conditioning the human and natural landscape of the territory. The submission of the territory, the depopulation of the rural world, political corruption, a centralist state model, its public projection… are some of the issues that emerge along the way. The documentary and compilation nature of the project is mixed and confused with other ways of interpreting the conquest of space and time. In its journey, the project explores the links between photography and the railway, the perception of time and space, the territory and its representation.