Fotograf Magazine

#33 investigation

Under the title of the issue „Investigation“ we are looking for artistic work systematically examining information as an integral part of the process of creation. Investigative journalism could be an inspiration, which is a fundamental whistleblower of slightly tested democratic systems nowadays, but in fact the most important impulse for maintaining the basic principles of political and social equality. Within the diversity of the presented approaches, we plan to comprise range of examples. A journalistic or documentary photography projects that transcend the format of the report, the ironizing comments of the political situation to the purely artistic projects of wider interpretations, that the important part of is the process of exploring the power tactics or suspicious activities damaging the ideals of civil society.

Mari Bastashevski
Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen
Peter Fend
Seba Kurtis
Maxim Sarychau
Andrzej Steinbach