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Ivan Kyncl

The Testimony

To cite a review of the exhibition that presented the legacy of Ivan Kyncl in order to mark the 30th anniversary of Charter 77: “Ivan Kyncl sacrificed everything for photography. Including his life.” The pressure of the success of his work in exile while working as a theater photographer resulted in his early death from a heart attack. “The first solo exhibition of Ivan Kyncl (1953–2004) in his native country” – the review continued – “dramatically lays bare our debt in regard to this photographer.” Critic Josef Chuchma then concluded his critique of the artistic legacy of Kyncl as exhibited at Prague’s Komorní galerie Domu fotografie J. Sudka by outlining an ambitious aim: “a more extensive, meticulous retrospective exhibition, to be accompanied by a monograph which would do justice to this remarkable oeuvre.”

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