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The Network Conference and the 7th Summer School of Photography in Poprad

The House of Photography in the city of Poprad in eastern Slovakia, run by the exceptionally enterprising director, Lucie Benická, held the 7th Summer School of Photography this July. Students from various countries worked for a week in workshops headed by Ernestina Ruben, Tibor Huszár, Gábor Kerekes, Boris Missirkov, Georgij Bogdanov and other experienced photographers. At the end they presented the results of their work in a group exhibition. This year the Network Conference, about contemporary photography in Central and Eastern Europe, took place at the same time as the summer school. The participants, including curators, theoreticians, critics and gallery owners, presented the photography galleries, museums, schools, specialist journals and books and contemporary photographic production in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania and Moldavia. The conference thus contributed to the establishment of contacts and provided the impetus for several joint projects.

Vladimír Birgus