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Linda Urbánková

Necessity and Randomness

In her photographic cycles and videos Linda Urbánková (b. 1978), a graduate of the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, focuses almost exclusively on personal themes. In her older work (Pořád ještě z tebe šílíme / We Are Still Crazy About You, 2001, Dorty pro mne / Cakes For Me, 2003), in which she often staged herself in various situations, she rendered what she was experiencing at the time. In spite of her intensely individualist style, Linda Urbánková’s works are communicable and often work directly on the principle of a message transmitted to the viewer. Her current work tends more towards abstract messages, aiming towards the essential or debating the dia­lectic of the given and the changeable, which is evident in the relationship of human being and the space they inhabit. At other times, in contrast, she explores how our presence and our shared, interpersonal events transform our environment over the course of time.

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