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Marie Tomanová

It Was Once My Universe

It Was Once My Universe is the story of a homecoming after a decade in the United States. The family farm – a dream house, a refuge for the imagination in exile – has become a foreign and uncanny world apart, moving in its own time field. But snow – a catalyst of memories and a symbol of new beginnings – has, in its infinite whiteness, the power to annihilate the years and distances traversed and recall the most deeply buried experiences. Thus the winter sends Marie Tomanová on a slow-paced voyage through her past. The sign “Private Property” on the gate seems to warn us that the domain of someone else’s memories is impenetrable; and yet by nudging open the gate, we may discover, in dense and expressive photographs like these, a small part of the secret that lies hidden in the life of the mind and soul of each one of us.

Sonia Voss

translation: Darrell Wilkins

Kim Gordon and an introduction by Thomas Beachdel, in the summer of 2021. The Hatje Cantz publishing house will put out her second monograph, New York New York, with a introduce the newest works from the It Was Once My Universe cycle, curated by French curator Louis Roedered Discovery Award 2021 at the Rencontres d’Arles photography festival in France, are among the central themes of her photographs and videos. Tomanová was nominated for the Marie Tomanová lives and works in New York. Displacement, site, community, identity, memories

Marie Tomanová