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Peter Župník

Prague. Beginning of the 1980s. I arrive as a FAMU student from the East of Czechoslovakia. I donʼt know Prague; it engulfs me with all that it has. I walk around a lot; I shift my eyes toward various places and corners that call to me. Itʼs a strange time. Many things donʼt function normally. I like the night-time. The city is calm.Almost everyone is at home; work begins early in the morning. The nightlife exists only for visitors and German tourists. I donʼt go in search of it. I begin to photograph the traces of human activity and time. I am fascinated by the ability of the light from the flash, which exposes, enhances and tables a new order of contrasts. I walk through the night-time city, which I know from the daytime. I look with flash eyes. I sense that the rapid light will expose something. I look for shapes and symbols: interventions with common things. I also look formy photographs: the composition of banalities, the order of chaos. I allowmy view andmy feelings to freely guideme. Then I collect allmy courage and I photograph a pedestrian that I meet.

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#15 Prague