Fotograf Magazine

Return to the Future

Given the other interests of the editors of this volume published by the AAAD, we could say this is a “curated selection” of texts on various temporalities and their semantic connotations. The graphic design by Štěpán Marko and illustrations by Gabriela Těthalová make this a charming artifact—perhaps even too material for the topic at hand. The capably written introduction places the text within the context of its authors’ thinking and the Czech intellectual context, which means it stands somewhat opposed to the demanding nature of the individual essays. Perhaps the difficulty in translating many (primarily philosophical and technical) terms into Czech is to blame. But given the clear and consistent vocabulary related to time and art running through the entire publication, the editors were evidently aware of this difficulty and attempted to compensate for it. However, the choice of the difficult topic of time and the selection of authors corresponds to the need to be well versed in contemporary pop culture and art theory.

Tereza Rudolf