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Steffi Klenz

Magnificent Desolation

These are the words with which Buzz Aldine, pilot of the Apollo 11 lunar module, described the lunar !andscape – words that could come to mind when viewing the landscape photographs of Steffi Klenz. Yes: desolation, unexpectedly vast desolation, nothing but mountains composed of exotically colored rocks bathed in a melancholic, unearthly light. Lying beyond the pale turquoise mountain in Dagenham East we might expect to find some forgotten galactic lunar filling station, and among the yellow-grey mountains of Pudding Mill Lane there might loom the arm of a giant excavator belonging to the Jupiter Mining Company… or is it a desert landscape from the Near East? No. All you need is to purchase a ticket to the London Underground, get off at the fifth station from the end on the northeastern green line, and there you are.

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