Fotograf Magazine

Marie Lukáčová

Bella Body

Marie Lukáčová’s interest in virtual reality and 3D modeling is tightly intertwined with questions and problems of the present. The landscapes or rather landscape-like structures she creates are often inhabited by body-parts. While even in the Bella Body illustration for Fotograf magazine the physical presence grates against its own distortion and denial. Lukáčová creates sorts of minerals and objects, yet she covers them by a different – evocative of lightness and softness – structure. Space and the story embedded in it emphasize the feeling of ambiguity and loose determination. While the story taking place in a kind of storm subverts the expectations regarding the sexes in it, the cave-like space itself makes the distinction of top and bottom, strength and fluidity, difficult. The author often uses forms of video or other temporal story telling. However, suspension of the situation – of the story – is also not absolute in the given illustration, and the difficult grasp of the plot and the space support the continuous internal motion.

Tereza Hrušková