Fotograf Magazine

Adam Evans

To Earth

The digital collage Hledání mentefaktu (Finding the Mentefact, 2018) was created as an intuitive illustration for a performative research expedition at the site of a former landfill where a friend and I were staying. The landscape has reshaped all the materials and unnecessary things left behind by past generations. The place became an urban wilderness and its atmosphere was reminiscent of “The Zone” from the movie Stalker. There was a pervasive sense of something sacred, perhaps due to the isolation from the surroundings by a sign that read: NO ENTRY. 

The idea for the second collage, Zemi (To Earth, 2019), was based on my experience of extraordinary states of consciousness and dreaming. By looking at my hands, I check whether I am finding myself in a dream or everyday reality. At the same time, these are hands that are slowly beginning to disappear under the onslaught of automation and robotism. They want to touch earthly matter and craftsmanship.

Adam Evans is a visual artist and therapist travelling freely across the Czech Republic. His work reflects his interest in landscape, exploring the human psyche, and extraordinary states of consciousness. He is inspired by the teachings of native peoples and their relationship to the Earth as a living and sentient being.