Fotograf Magazine

Daniela & Linda Dostálková

We are still the same and you are always more

We are still the same and you are always more, that’s what it is
about. And they are politely, controversially right. It depends of what
gender position we watch their product dystopia from. The work of
the Dostálková sisters has long been settled in very precise designs,
somewhat pedantically immersed in the perfect aesthetics of the surface
of things. They are fascinated with the consumerist mainstream visuality
whose appearance serves as a multi-layered skin to uncover the socially
responsible contents, from the environmental theme interwoven in the
criticism of the consumer spectacle to the social skeletons in the closet
such as the inferior status of women.

The new book Hysteric Glamour is present at the exhibition as an
object referring to the video Quality: Flexibility, where we can watch the
choreography of an artist in a car, departing everyday situations. In the
installation, we can see female torsos of both animate and inanimate
forms, somewhat limited in movement, yet always with perfect appearance.
These impulses can be read as a meaningful comment on feminism and
accelerationism, both leading to emancipation from the capitalist society.

Markéta Kinterová