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Delphine Kreuter

/force protection/

As a title for this book, I thought “Agony and Ecstasy“, but M. told me that it was trite. He may be right, everything is so trite. But I go back to the moment where nothing exists, where we can take everything. I’m not a virgin, nevertheless I would like it if I were and I could meet you again. You are here, and I see your beauty. „I don’t have this access to life you have, this access to poetry…“ Yes, you do… It seems that we all do the same thing. Drown ourselves in the cliché, try to swim, when we’re already dead. Wait five minutes please, I go to see something, I come back. Get out the picture? As the title of this book, I thought about “Agony and ecstasy“ because I’m always playing with life and death, this is the game of photography, of the picture. The fight between the two impulses, desire, future, movement, and form; the stop in time and space, stop in the head. So, here, the persons try to live, they struggle, they shout, suffer, make love, have pleasure, look for violence, an appearance, or submit them… The persons try to exist. Want to believe. Try to accept, refuse, understand… Some of them lose. Life is flogged thrashed, crushed, by violence, absurdity, vacuity, of this attempt/war, or by the picture, by “what is a picture“, in the picture and in life. So, I choose “Force Protection“ as a title for this book. Because it make ́s me laugh.

/Delphine Kreuter/

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