Fotograf Magazine

Egemen Tuncer

Things in a Chamber

The project is based on CGI (computed generated imagery) still lifes,
which are re-created based on photographs previously taken in the
artist’s studio.

I have been always excited about the working environment as much
as the work itself. It is a natural process; the natural composition of things
that are being used in the background or anywhere else. Especially the
materials which might be found or purchased everywhere. This particular
approach is the main concept of the project. In general, the meaning of the
image is related to the use of the image; in other words, it is related to its
context. However, the images in this project do not use that sort of context;
what you see is what you get, basically. My recent works refer to reviving
these environments (in various mediums, such as real-size objects, models,
CGI) and their possible representation.

In the end, I created images of stereotypical places outside my studio.