Fotograf Magazine

Jana Bernartová

Remediation, RGB Liquid Crystals Cycle, 2017-2018

In the inhumanly fast and distanced world of digital representations, reality disappears in the mirrors and simulacra of media, and the very essence of the art of representation is jeopardized since mediation runs up against simulated symptoms that distort the intentions of original mes- sages. The transition from the age of atoms to the age of bits and from the paradigm of knowledge to the paradigm of communication is not possible without (re)mediating anomalies, (re)presentational short circuits and communication noise.

The RGB Liquid Crystals Cycle emerges from the theme of the digital representation of color. An infinite number of incarnations of one color, one number, one code are displayed depending on its host medium.Exactly numerically named blue RGB 0 0 255 has become the iconic color of the digital age and at the same time is very close to the pigment of ultramarine, which we know from the history of modern art as IKB blue.

With thanks to Studio Flusser.

Jana Bernartová a Jozef Cseres