Fotograf Magazine

Lucia Sceranková, guest: Pavla Sceranková

Sun in the Showcase, 11 June – 4 July 2013

Water has leaked into the walls at the Fotograf Gallery. They caught it here in the middle of the room and closed it off with fire. Sun poured into the showcase and a little further on time stopped. 

An exhibition by Lucie Sceranková took place at Fotograf Gallery in June. She invited her older sister as a guest exhibitor for the event. Here Lucie watched what happened to images when she intervenes therein, and what the viewer thinks when she pushes him/her to contemplate them. 

In this case she pushed photographs to the limits of credibility. Everything in the exhibition was blurred and couldn’t be understood at first glance. The entire exhibition was hidden somewhere between what was hanging on the walls, what lay on the floor and what happened to be running through the viewers’ heads. The story was reduced and blurred. No one told any stories. However in the objects and photographs fleeting micro-plots arose and meanwhile they presented the viewer snapshots of various associations and bizarre hints that led everyone to a different place. Lucie Sceranková’s work hovers somewhere between photographs, objects and the viewer’s mind. One cannot categorise it exactly. Lucie created scenes and gently and peacefully created situations. There was nothing extra therein, nothing was missing, but still she was able to make the viewer highly uncertain. 

Barbora Ševčíková