Fotograf Magazine

Matej Chrenka

Matej Chrenka generally creates his works within the context of two thematic spheres that have long interested him. In the first, cumulatively entitled The Limits of Photography, he focuses on the medium of photography itself; the second, he has formulated as a question: “Does it still make sense to take photos?”, and he tries to find a definitive answer through his own photography.

The photographs included in the Project section of this Contemplation issue have been selected from the artist’s book published by Chrenka under the title of The Theory of Beauty, about which the author states: “I tried to capture on paper that which I perceive with my eyes closed. Because the topic of this cycle is so trivial, I am completely free. As compared to other photographs, I do not have the urge to seek meanings and secret signals. My mind is at rest. The photos may be viewed either as nature frozen in time or as abstract patterns. In both cases, my imagination is my only guide.”

Silvie Milková