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Miroslava Večeřová

Whilst still a student at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Miroslava Večeřová captured attention with her video in which she interrupts a long static shot with an unexpected physical gesture. Both images thus started to express not only something about each other but also about the material essence of something that, thanks to advances in digital technology, we have come to consider as intangible. Miroslava Večeřová (born in 1985) has transferred several common aspects into her more recent photographs and videos, specifcally a material nature, corporeality, and physical contact with the surface. As far as the last-mentioned aspect, the means of contact is the skin, and the network of nerves that are present in the outer covering of the human body. She has replaced the gestures of force from her earlier videos with gentle touches and the careful placement of objects. Through her cooperation with the painter Pavel Příkaský,her portfolio has been enhanced with painting and sculpture techniques. In her compositional video Inner Monologue, set in the environment of a doctor’s offce, she introduces a broad range of gradually layered parallels – not only between the physical body, a body resembling animations, paintings, medical procedures, care, and loving gentleness, but also between flm, static shots, drawings, depictions, and abstractions. The increasing sophistication of the fuid transitions between these levels has moved Miroslava Večeřová from the position of a gifted young artist to that of a  notable personality on the Czech art scene.  

Jiří Ptáček