Fotograf Magazine

Varvara Gorbunova

On Womanhood

The history of my family has had a profound effect on my photographic practice. Revisiting my artistic choices and themes always brings me back to my roots, to my matriarchal family. Ever since my parents divorced, my coming-of-age world had been populated solely by women. My inner lens got focused on my mom, sisters, and grandmothers. Documenting the flux of daily routines, and touching and mundane moments has turned into an artistic study that unfolds and reveals the very nature of womanhood that shaped me as a woman.


Varvara Gorbunova is a young photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Varvara is a portrait and documentary photographer. A common thread in her personal work is connection and intimacy between people that expands to topics like family, longing and sensuality.