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Veronika Daňhelová & Karla Hostašová

A dream about being naked in public

Dreams in which you are walking around naked in public are very common.

They point out our insecurity and vulnerability. But if the naked person feels good in the dream, the dream indicates a desire for the erotic or represents an appreciation of your abilities.

Published on the website of “NCB – Neocybernetic Laboratories”


In recent years, the word „eroticism“ has become an omnipresent part of public life. In the commercial world of advertising, erotic signs and subtexts are used to sell questionable goods and many a vulgar product is marked with its label. The concept of eroticism has lost its original meaning, just like nudity, which is served to us in such abundance that we d Aa dream about being naked in publicA: Dreams in which you are walking around naked in public are very common.on’t have the time to refuse it or even run away from it.

The quantity of photographs of the human body and genitals wears down the viewer largely because of a certain sense of impersonality. The body has become an object. We no longer see a specific person undressed, but merely a physical variant of a man or woman with a blank expression – or, worse yet, a grimace that is supposed to express excitement or sexual enjoyment.

And still there exist photographs where nudity functions in a different sense. One such example is the photographic series When the fingers of the breeze lean into our charms by Veronika Daňhelová and Karla Hostašová.

The collection of photographs When the fingers of the breeze lean into our charms was created in Derby, where Veronika Daňhelová and Karla Hostašová spent half a year.

The distance between their home in the Czech Republic and the English town of Derby is not that great, but in a certain sense they are two different worlds. No matter how much we may wish to deny it, the “new world”, the foreign environment, influences our behavior. Our identity associated with the past and with our background becomes blurred and we have no choice but to defend our identity to ourselves. Veronika Daňhelová and Karla Hostašová express their relationship to the seriousness of England in their happenings, documented with humor and a light touch in their photographs.

The essence of their photographs lies in the simplicity with which they share their feelings without even being aware of it at the time of shooting. These are the feelings of “improper” and non-conformist beings wandering about their surroundings. The more they study their surroundings, the more they are alienated from them. At first glance, the nudity in their photographs is anything but erotic. But the eroticism present in the photographs does not play a fundamental role; rather, the artists bare themselves on a more personal level. Their vulnerability and insecurity alternates with cheekiness. There is no better way of depicting a place where there grow such beautiful plane trees.

Silvie Milková