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Asger Carlsen

The Wunderkabinet of Asger Carlsen

Wrong, a series of photographs by the Danish photographer Aster Carlsen combines the relatively “innocent” form of the family photograph with manipulative interventions. In terms of both form and content, the photographs bear all of the characteristic traits of the snapshot. A wide range of offences against the canon of “good photography” is present here, without exception – central composition, at times in fact bordering on a total resignation of any pretense of composition, objects interfering with framing, the use of direct flash. Here and there the series also features a picture taken by a local photo studio – the usual portrait of a smiling family with a tasteless blurred backdrop of clouds. The thematic thrust similarly follows the rigid dictates of the family album – all living room scenes, kitchen scenes, sofa portraits, party pictures. At first glance everything seems perfectly normal.

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