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Boris Dornbusch

Something Beautiful Falling to Pieces in the Moment of its Discovery

The work of Boris Dornbusch is as elusive as „The fleeting scent in the  very moment between opening the lid and just before removing the display protection sheet from a MacBook Air purchased a few seconds ago“ (2012, from the book YEAR OF THE MOON, 2013). What was originally an object can easily become a photograph, and at the same time, a performance or an artist’s statement. In a sense it then no longer matters, whether it ever existed. And that maybe you also will not be able to find it again. In the last year, Boris has changed his web page at least three times. It’s hard to discern any specific evolution in time with him. In 2011, Boris e-mailed me a portfolio, in which the photograph entitled Multifocuwas dated to 2009. At as of August 2013, however,  one learns that it was created already back in 2006. Boris certainly doesn’t look his 40 years. He showed me the date of birth in his New Zealand passport. By his own account born as a German, he claims his father is an – apparently bogus – Yugoslav general who spent long years in Africa…

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