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Learning to Face the Anxieties of Anthropocene Together: Eva Koťátková, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Edith Jeřábková, Zuzana Blochová, Adéla Brož

The Prague-based INSTITUTE OF ANXIETY is dedicated to projects that transcend the imaginary category of what is
considered art. It works in a medium that wants to provide a voice to those who are otherwise not heard, whether people or animals. The Institute’s activities are oriented towards the urge to stand up to the anxiety of the contemporary world,  or at least to find ways of diffusing it constructively. What is the role of the Institute in the art scene – according to its members Eva Koťátková, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Edith Jeřábková, Zuzana Blochová and Adéla Brož? How do they address their choices of visual style and channels of communication in terms of sensitive topics such as loneliness, anxiety, the ongoing environmental crisis, the excessive consumption of meat or the use of hazardous pesticides in agriculture? And how can we un-learn normalcy together?

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