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Miroslava Večeřová and Pavel Příkaský

Prophecy of the Animal, 2020

It might also be due to the ongoing deepening of the collaboration between Pavel Příkaský and Miroslava Večeřová that we can trace the omnipresent motifs of blending, permeation, metabolism or bodily mutations in their joint works. In their imaginative microcosm, science hand in hand with technologies come together with magic and its rituals. The visible is enacted according to the rhythm set by invisible chemical interactions. A human being feeds on the inanimate as well as the animal and develops his or her faculties. The prospects of technological progress are the multifaceted improvements of the human body. For Večeřová and Příkaský, the symbol of this pro- gress is xiphosura—a sea creature that without hindrance carried itself from the Paleozoic Era over to the Anthropocene without even knowing that it would become the subject of industrially collected blood for its irreplaceable blue blood that is now used in medicine.

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