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Georges Rousse

In abandoned buildings across the world, before their destruction or their renovation, Georges Rousse has worked and installed his darkroom for more than 20 years. He has set up his nomad workshop in places into which he has infused new life and given it a new history. As the artist himself likes to say, ”…I call upon various methods of art: I am the designer of the project, the painter on-site, the architect by my interpretation of a given space and by the construction I organise there within, and finally the photographer who coordinates all these actions.”


Dominique Roussel


Since he has entered the artistic scene 25 years ago, Georges Rousse has not ceased to travel around the world in the way a fictitious character would stride across the globe over plains, valleys and mountains as one would think to cross a street. This is someone who from one day to the next finds himself at the other side of the planet and never leaving us a clue about his whereabouts. In brief, he has made this world his own and never stops to circle it in search of who knows what treasure.


Phillippe Piquet

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