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Jindra Viková

It’s Later than You Think, and Other Messages

Despite the fact that at the start of her career Jindra Viková presented herself primarily as a sculptor working with ceramic clay, at the end of the millennium she began to gradually use other media as well. During the past decade she has developed into a natural multi-media artist, who works sensitively with the most varied of stimuli. While drawing, painting and classic collage accompanied her all her life, experimenting with photographic techniques was a new challenge for her. Volume, mass and touch impressed into modelling were replaced here with toying with light and shadows, and mainly a fundamental shift in meaning. Her work obtained a new conceptual dimension and this was also reflected in her work with photographic techniques, as well as retroactively in sculpture that she continues to return to. Thanks to her forays into other areas of the creative arts, besides those that she was originally categorised in, Ms. Viková has joined the ranks of the increasingly numerous group of “uncategorisable” artists.

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