Fotograf Magazine

Maga Sokałska

The Deconstruction of Man

The interest of many of today’s photographers in documentarism, picture
archives, and authors’ books goes hand in hand with the distinctive trend
in the arts and curatorial practice of the past decade represented by
concepts such as a “historiographical turn” or an “archive impulse”. To
the contemporary artist, the field of visuality and social structures created
by conventions is a great score, a network of signs the artist – or rather
the programmer, DJ, Internet surfer, curator or intertextual operator – can
play with. The usual notion of the photographer as a ubiquitous, all-seeing
person has been completely disrupted. Today, the photographer combines
the abilities of an activist, presenter, editor, sculptor, architect, philosopher,
sociologist, gardener, and handyman. And when she takes photographs,
she is also a manager, archivist and astonished visitor of her archives.

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