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Petr Homola

Building Walker

Peter Homola (born 1977, graduate of the studio of Professor Milota Havránková at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava) in his cycle of color photographs Building Walker (2006) persuades one that the possibilities of the photography of architecture, both in terms of form and content, are truly inexhaustible. Homola’s previous work ranks him among those photographers working with conceptual premises and strategies. The cycle Building Walker is his first body of photographs dedicated to capturing buildings. Subsequently, he has created a cycle of photographs depicting the interior of an abandoned and gutted hospital, entitled No Exit (2006). If in the earlier cycle we may speak about the artist coming to terms with a specific photographic approach alluding to certain Modernist tendencies (the penetrating gaze), the second cycle of photographs follows the strategy of photographing a dehumanized space, ex post documented as a social organism.

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#9 Architecture


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